Building Boom Prompts Wastewater Projects in Region

July 2005 – With new housing starts in the Southern Illinois counties of Madison, Monroe and St. Clair setting records, some municipalities are focused on their wastewater collection and treatment systems and the impact an ever increasing population will have on those systems. As evidence, TWM is currently working on six major wastewater treatment plant projects, in varying stages ranging from initial planning to full design in preparation for construction in the very near future.

Among those is a new player in the area of wastewater collection and treatment. Monroe County Environmental Management, NFP, has been formed as a division of the Monroe County Electrical Cooperative, and will create an entirely new sanitary sewer district. TWM’s Environmental Engineering Department has assisted Monroe County with the planning and designation of a new Facility Planning Area, encompassing 7,300 acres. The project would include a new treatment plant on Route 3 between Waterloo and Red Bud near the Kaskaskia river. The modular design of that plant will enable future expansion as the area continues to grow and develop. The new facility will also benefit the small communities of Burksville and Burksville Station, allowing the elimination of two existing wastewater lagoons. 

Swansea is once again responding to the building boom within its facility planning area by initiating design of the third expansion of the Village’s wastewater treatment plant. TWM is again providing design services, having designed the original plant for the Village in 1983, as well as an expansion of the plant in 1995.

In the same way, the City of Belleville is taking a proactive approach to dealing with the growing demands on its sewer system. The City is working with TWM to establish a second Facility Planning Area encompassing approximately 12,000 acres. A second treatment plant is also proposed, which will lessen the load on the existing plant as well as accommodate the current and planned growth of downstream areas, including the new Richland Development, Reunion and expansion on Route 15.

The proposed location of the second treatment plant is at the confluence of Richland and Sugar Creeks, south of Schleuter and Germain roads. The new plant would double the City of Belleville’s wastewater treatment capacity, providing service for an additional 50,000 residents.

Caseyville Township is modifying both its east and west wastewater treatment plants. TWM is well into design of that expansion, again prompted by continued growth within the township’s FPA. The Village of Millstadt and Stookey Township are also planning improvements and adding additional capacity to their treatment facilities.

While projects like these try to increase capacity sufficient to meet the needs of the system for the next 20 years, those plans can be significantly impacted by the kind of growth now prevalent in the region.