I-64 Projects Benefit from TWM’s Civil and Structural Expertise

April 2008 – Thouvenot, Wade & Moerchen, Inc. is currently working on two projects on Interstate 64.

The firm is assisting Gateway Constructors on the New I-64 project in St. Louis by providing supplemental design services for the erection of several horizontally curved, steel girder bridges. TWM’s responsibilities include analyzing the steel girders for each stage of the steel erection sequence, designing temporary support and tie-down systems as required, and producing steel erection plans for each bridge. The scaffolding designed by TWM’s structural engineers can be seen in the picture at right. It was needed to support the large steel girders until they could be permanently bolted to the piers on each end. The photos below show the project’s progress over the course of five days.

TWM’s work on this project helped the firm secure the newly defined “Advanced Typical” qualification to design bridges in that category for the Illinois Department of Transportation. TWM formerly held the pre-qualification, but the requirements changed a few years ago, requiring firms to have curved girder experience to perform “Advanced Typical” work.

TWM has also teamed with Coombe-Bloxdorf, PC, a Springfield, IL engineering firm, on a project that will entail the replacement of two I-64 bridges over the MetroLink tracks near Baugh Avenue in East St. Louis. The Illinois Department of Transportation selected the  two firms to design the project. Responsibilities include survey work, bridge condition reports, project reports, structural and roadway plans, special provisions, and time and cost estimates.