Value Engineering of Union Avenue over I-55 Reduces Cost

November 2010 – Working under a contract with Fred Weber, Inc., TWM value engineered design modifications for the new Union Avenue bridge over I-55 in St. Louis County, MO, thereby lowering construction costs and ultimately saving the Missouri Department of Transportation $430,000.

The original consultant’s proposal specified dual, horizontally curved, two-span bridges. TWM’s design involved a single, two-span, horizontally curved bridge with spans shortened by using mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls in front of each abutment and forming a u-shape around the approach fill.  The new design reduced the length of the bridge by more than 100 feet, reduced the width by four feet, and eliminated a girder line.  

TWM has provided value engineering services for a large number of projects as a consultant to Fred Weber, Inc.