MetroBikeLink Opens to Swansea Station

August 2011 – In a ceremony at the foot of the signature bridge designed by TWM, federal, state and county officials came together on August 18, 2011 to officially open the segment of the MetroBikeLink Trail from North End Park to the Swansea MetroLink Station.  TWM’s design also included the trail itself, a second major bridge over Richland Creek and the Norfolk Southern Railroad, and a number of smaller trail bridges.  TWM is also designing the  adjoining section which will continue the trail westward to the Memorial Hospital MetroLink Station.

MetroBikeLink is becoming the backbone of the bike trail system in St. Clair County, with “local” trails such as Swansea’s Richland Creek Bikeway and Belleville’s Richland Creek Greenway, extending off into those communities.  The trail will provide opportunities for further expansion throughout the County.