Troy, Mo Selects TWM

May 2012 – The City of Troy, Mo., recently selected TWM for a major lift station and force main project.  Funded through the CDBG program, the improvements will re-direct flows from the older of the City’s two wastewater treatment plants to its newer membrane bio-reactor treatment plant.  Preliminary plans call for a new lift station with a capacity of approximately 1.1 MGD (peak).  Approximately 5,500 linear feet of new force main will also be constructed.  TWM will be responsible for the design, permitting, bidding and construction observation of the lift station and force main.  

During the initial post-selection meeting, the City also made TWM aware of challenges they were facing with another project.  In conjunction with the Missouri Department of Transportation, improvements to State Route 61 are scheduled to begin in the near future.  The City urgently needed to relocate an existing force main that was in conflict with the upcoming roadway improvements.  TWM quickly responded to their needs, designed those improvements, and construction of that project is scheduled to be completed early this fall in time for the road construction.