TWM Maintains Top Rankings Despite Lagging Economy

July 2012 – The local business journal lists have been published, and TWM ranks as the 11th Largest Engineering Firm in the St. Louis region for the second consecutive year, according to the St. Louis Business Journal.  Based on number of licensed local engineers, the ranking’s “top 10” includes at least seven large national or international engineering firms and eight boasting firmwide payrolls ranging from 140 employees (twice as many as TWM) to 60,000.  In a similar list compiled by the Illinois Business Journal, TWM ranks as the #1 Engineering Industry Leader in Southwestern Illinois for the 9th year in a row.  The firm has held the top spot on that list since the Illinois Business Journal began publishing it nearly a decade ago.  

In addition to staff counts, the previous year’s local revenue figures are published.  While many on the list have dropped in both staff and billings, TWM has remained steady.  “TWM’s passion for solving our clients’ problems and our fiscally conservative approach to business have contributed to our consistent results,” Rollie Thouvenot, TWM President and CEO, says.  “Our clients don’t have to worry whether we will be in business next year.”