Southwestern Illinois College Investing in Green Initiatives

July 2012 – Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) recently awarded a contract to Kilian Corporation of Mascoutah, as the institution pursues “greening” its Belleville, Illinois campus.  SWIC is making the campus and its environs more walkable, inviting and safe for those on foot, while also resolving traffic flow issues related to the campus MetroLink station.  The project will also extend and enhance the existing MetroBikeLink Trail that currently terminates at College Station.

TWM designed a number of these enhancements in a joint planning and development effort by SWIC and the St. Clair County Transit District (SCCTD).  The firm’s scope of work includes the extension of the MetroBikeLink Trail, a MetroBikeLink bridge over Green Mount Road, entrance road widening, installation of a roundabout intersection, a campus loop road and bike trail, the addition of turn lanes on adjoining roads, pedestrian crosswalks, and an enhanced walkway from the College Metro station to campus.