Award-Winning Mississippi River Terminal Storage QA’ed by TWM

October 2013 – TWM provided quality assurance for a new aerated floor silo for Continental Cement in St. Louis, Missouri.  With a capacity of 44,000 tons of cement, the storage dome features one of the first aerated floor unloading systems in the U.S.  The project was one component of a new $14 million barge unloading dock and dome storage facility at Continental Cement’s riverfront terminal adjacent to the new Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge carrying I-70 over the Mississippi River.

TWM provided grade checks for the silo’s lime sub-grade, slopes of the trenches, caisson and bolt locations, and a topographic record survey drawing, as well as layout of the lime grades for installation of the mud mat, embeds for clamp bars, and trenches for aeration piping.  The project won a Quality Concrete Award from the Concrete Council and American Steel Fabrication.