Our Employees

“One of the best parts about working at TWM is the people. Projects frequently involve multiple professionals or sometimes whole departments, requiring that we work as team.  The friendships developed with co-workers often make working as a team very effective and enjoyable and result in better design. This teamwork approach is also extended to clients, allowing all the team members to work closely with and get direct feedback from the client.”

Chad R.
Water / Wastewater Engineering
15 years with TWM

“TWM is truly family friendly.  With the accessible benefits at TWM and the flexibility of the managers, I was able to take three months off for the recent birth of my son.  I have since returned to work full-time, and with the flexible hours, I have been able to balance my family life with my work commitments.   TWM also continually strives to enhance its employees.  There are many opportunities for continuing education.  As a result of advanced training, I have had the chance to play a key role in the design of a proposed Diverging Diamond Interchange. These are just two of the many reasons I enjoy and am passionate about working for TWM.”

Michelle S.
Transportation Engineering
10 years with TWM

“TWM is a great place to work.  Everyone here is friendly and works as a team to get the job done.  As a Land Surveyor, I enjoy the opportunity to work outside while using state-of-the-art equipment such as GPS, robots, and digital levels to meet the challenges of the job.  I also like the interaction we have with our clients in satisfying their requirements.”

Pete M.
Land Surveying
21 years with TWM