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Project Description

Catwalk Structural Design and Barge Positioning System

Catwalk Structural Design and Barge Positioning System - Cargill
  • LOCATION: East St. Louis

  • CLIENT: Cargill

Catwalk structural design services and anchorage design for Cargill’s barge positioning system were provided by TWM for this project. The need for our services began when a tow boat pulled a breasting dolphin out of plumb and destroyed two catwalk trusses between a loadout cell and breasting dolphins in the Mississippi River.  TWM conducted a preliminary investigation into repairing the dolphin, ultimately concluding replacement as the best option.  Within two weeks TWM designed adjustable-length trusses that could accommodate variation in dolphin location, which allowed for simultaneous truss fabrication and dolphin construction—thereby reducing loading operation downtime.  TWM reacted quickly to analyze the situation, determine the best solution, and subsequently design the replacement structure.

In a separate project to improve the barge positioning system, TWM designed anchorages for a winch system to position barges at Cargill’s loadout cell on the Mississippi River.  TWM’s scope of work included design of anchorage point plates and sheaves for attaching wire rope to the faces of river cell sheet piles as well as anchorage of Wintech winches to the concrete slabs on the river cells.

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