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Project Description

I-44 Over BNSF – Structure Nos. A8241 & A8242

TWM provided value engineering services after bidding to shorten the original structure from a three span 410’ curved 51” plate girder bridge to a single span 166’ bridge with straight plate girders and variable deck overhang. TWM determined the plate girder depth could be increased for the eastbound bridge from 51” to 66” without affecting the vertical clearance requirements; this resulted in a more efficient plate girder design which eliminated girder lines and steel weight.  The shortened bridge VE design required deep (35’ exposed height) end bents utilizing encased soldier piles cored and set in rock.  The soldier piles were tied back into bedrock with strand rock anchors with design loads of up to 250 tons.  TWM prepared numerous preliminary substructure VE alternatives for contractor pricing before arriving at the final design.  TWM prepared final wall and roadway plans for the new span; special provisions; and coordinated with MoDOT and BNSF Railroad for approval.

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  • LOCATION: Shrewsbury, MO



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