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Project Description

Ebbets Field Residential Development

Residential Development - Multi-Family - TWM, Inc. - Residential Land Development Engineering for Ebbets Field
  • LOCATION: Edwardsville, IL

  • CLIENT: Vicksburg Development, Inc.

TWM’s residential land development engineering and geospatial services helped turn this project into a success. Ebbets Field, a 220 lot single-family residential subdivison in Edwardsville, IL, was developed in three phases and completed in the fall of 2008.  TWM’s tasks included assisted in securing zoning, annexation and preliminary plat approval; subdivision layout;  horizontal and vertical roadway design; site grading; stormwater and detention analysis and design; and the internal sanitary sewer extensions and watermain extensions.  TWM also coordinated the Ebbets Field entrance with the reconstruction of Goshen Road, and coordinated with the City to design a 12” sanitary sewer extension that eliminated an aging lift station.

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