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Project Description

Tertiary Filter Building Improvements for the City of Belleville

Tertiary Filter Building Improvements
  • LOCATION: City of Belleville, IL

  • CLIENT: City of Belleville, IL

Tertiary filter building improvements for the City of Belleville were designed by TWM as part of an upgrade to the facility’s filtration system. We re-used and rehabilitated an existing sand filter building, converting the filtration technology to a compressible media.  Upon inspection, TWM found the bar joists and X-braces of the CMU building to be rusted, yet determined that all appeared to be structurally sound.  A second inspection after sandblasting confirmed the initial evaluation, and TWM recommended re-painting the joists.

TWM also inspected existing lintels, noting several instances of corrosion.   Where the corrosion was substantial and impacting structural integrity, TWM recommended installation of a temporary lintel one course above the existing opening to allow for repairs.

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