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Project Description

Fairview Heights MetroLink Study

Fairview Heights MetroLink Study - Multi-Modal Engineering - Top Transportation Engineering Firm - MetroLink Study
  • LOCATION: Fairview Heights, IL

  • CLIENT: St. Clair County Transit District

On every project, TWM serves as an advocate for our clients. When the original decision was made to extend MetroLink toward Scott Air Force Base, several station locations were proposed along the selected alignment. Municipalities along that alignment were then allowed an opportunity to propose alternative sites. The City of Fairview Heights hired TWM to develop possible alternatives, compare the proposed station site with those alternatives, review the advantages and disadvantages of each, and make a recommendation based upon that analysis in a final report to the Fairview Heights Station Committee.

In the original plan, the station was proposed on one side of IL Rt. 161 and the parking lot on the other, which would have required passengers to access the station via a pedestrian bridge over the 4-lane highway, which in turn would have required elevators to be accessible to all riders. TWM’s recommended alternative was to instead relocate IL Route 161, which realigned its intersection with IL Route 50, and successfully corrected a poorly configured intersection in the process. Then we designed the station to be constructed in the wedge created with the MetroLink alignment. TWM’s study prompted Fairview Heights to submit this alternative station site, which was subsequently accepted by Metro as the preferred site.

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