TWM Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering


When it comes to a system of streets and highways, safety and efficiency are undeniably among the top priorities.  But in today’s economy, the solutions to transportation challenges also need to be affordable.  TWM’s focus is on helping our clients find… Read more.

Water / Wastewater

When people were asked to name the most serious problem facing the world in the future if nothing is done to stop it, environmental concerns – not the economy or jobs – topped the list.  Thouvenot, Wade & Moerchen, Inc. is a recognized leader in water and wastewater engineering.  Whether a client has questions about… Read more.

Land Development

Almost anyone viewing an aesthetically pleasing building can appreciate the role of the architect.  But those same people may not clearly understand the role of the civil engineer. Every building sits on a specific site with characteristics unique from… Read more.

Water Resources

Storm water management is a much greater concern of local governments today, than it was just twenty years ago.  The public interest is two-fold: prevent pollutants from entering streams and other bodies of water, and reduce the risk of… Read more.

Pavement Management Systems

Maintaining pavement can consume a significant portion of governmental budgets. TWM has the expertise to help clients more efficiently and effectively manage their roadways. We do this via a Pavement Management System (PMS), which is a tool to evaluate and rank your pavement in a systematic way… Read more.