Land Development | Civil Engineering

Almost anyone viewing an aesthetically pleasing building can appreciate the role of the architect.  But those same people may not clearly understand the role of the civil engineer.

Every building sits on a specific site with characteristics unique from any other.  Developing that site – converting the land from one use to another – takes careful planning … if the site is to effectively serve the building.  Attention to detail is important.  That comes with experience.  And few can match the experience of TWM when it comes to land development.

For example, our engineers understand the importance of providing for the smooth transition of traffic into, out of, and within a site.  They know that collecting and efficiently managing storm water can be critical. They recognize that a residential subdivision needs to be more than streets and lots. The layout requires insight and visualization in order to integrate the infrastructure and homes into the natural landscape while creating a neighborhood where people want to live and raise their families.

As a full-service engineering firm, TWM can provide not only civil site design, but a wide range of services to our clients’ projects, including due-diligence, concept and master planning, annexation assistance, representation before Planning and Zoning boards, utility coordination, hydraulic analysis, drainage design, and construction phase engineering and staking.  Our past experience can help us find ways to lower the cost for both design and construction and to accomplish the goals of a project without compromising quality.