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When it comes to a system of streets and highways, safety and efficiency are undeniably among the top priorities.  But in today’s economy, the solutions to transportation challenges also need to be affordable.  TWM’s focus is on helping our clients find the best alignment between effectiveness, efficiency and economy.  We strive for solutions that not only work, but also work “smart” and are within budget.

That’s because at TWM, we understand the challenges those clients face.  Our years of experience working for St. Louis area municipalities, counties and DOTs in Illinois and Missouri, have made us experts in the practices and procedures of transportation engineering.  Our staff is proficient not only in design, but also in related planning and pre-design activities including project development reports, bridge hydraulic analysis reports, scour analysis, land acquisition, environmental cause of action documents (ECAD), interim congestion management system plans (ICMS), traffic and intersection design studies, noise analysis and other similar studies.  Our professional services also include funding and regulatory coordination, public involvement, and construction phase engineering.

TWM’s designs range from local streets to new alignments, reconstruction and widening projects on interstates, and rural and urban highways, and include the first diverging diamond interchange for the State of Illinois.  Our broad expertise also includes bridges, multi-modal enhancements, bike trails and sidewalks, all the way down to simply assisting municipalities in planning and implementation of their annual street maintenance programs.

We have the staff, tools and resources to solve virtually any transportation engineering problem our clients might face.