Water / Wastewater | Civil Engineering

When people were asked to name the most serious problem facing the world in the future if nothing is done to stop it, environmental concerns – not the economy or jobs – topped the list.

Thouvenot, Wade & Moerchen, Inc. is a recognized leader in water and wastewater engineering.  Whether a client has questions about regulatory compliance, advancing technology or environmental responsibility.  Whether their aging infrastructure is in need of repair, rehabilitation or replacement.  TWM can help.  Our approach to every project is focused in cost savings, sustainability, and long-term value.

Our firm has provided facility planning and design services for a wide range of projects throughout the St. Louis area – meeting or exceeding EPA standards, NPDES permit limitations, and client demands for innovation, for a balance between initial and life cycle costs, and for ease of operation and maintenance.  Many of the wastewater treatment plants designed by TWM have been nominated as an “EPA Plant of the Year.”  And we have similar expertise in the design of wastewater interceptors, collection systems, lift stations, the separation of combined sanitary and storm sewer systems (CSOs), water towers and water distribution systems, and in securing and managing grant and loan funding for our clients.

TWM helps our clients navigate the potential minefields of regulatory compliance and project financing by tapping into the wisdom we have accumulated through more than 40 years of interaction with the federal, state and local agencies governing environmental projects.