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Railway Engineering

Railway engineering is among TWM’s newest services.  It requires specialized knowledge and a multi-disciplinary approach.  Rest assured, the firm has experienced leadership in place to undertake this specialty, which combines the firm’s longstanding areas of expertise in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Land Surveying and Construction Engineering.  As with all TWM services, the firm’s staff are committed to attention to detail and getting it right.

Safety is of the utmost importance to TWM, both in how tasks are performed in the field, as well as how we look at projects in the office.  TWM has the necessary safety qualifications to provide field engineering services on a variety of rail projects. These qualifications include FRA 214: Roadway Worker On-Track Safety, Railroad Bridge Worker Safety, Contractor Orientation, and e-RAILSAFE.  Whether a bridge, track or building, TWM engineers create designs that are safe, meet or exceed the specified design parameters, and make cost-effective use of materials and resources.

We are prepared to help maintain, improve and expand the rail system of the future, while balancing costs, upgrading aging infrastructure, and applying the latest technological advances, such as 3D laser scanning, to identify and solve problems before they become even more costly to address.  TWM’s staff is proficient not only in design, but in related planning and pre-design activities as well as post-design analysis like value engineering and constructability reviews.