Structural Engineering

Analyzing and designing structures is a very specialized field of civil engineering.  Crucial to public safety, it demands attention to detail and a commitment to getting it right.  Whether a building, a bridge or some other structure, TWM’s structural engineers ensure that our designs are safe, meet or exceed the specified design parameters, perform in predictable ways during an earthquake or other natural disaster, and make efficient, effective and economical use of materials and resources.

That may be most evident in our value engineering services, an innovative, multi-faceted process in which our firm analyzes the design of others on behalf of the contractor and DOT, to make it more efficient and cost-effective.  TWM examines both the cost and worth of each component of the original project design and brings those two measures as close to equal as possible, while still keeping public safety as our top priority.

Our expertise also includes field investigations, bridge condition reports, capacity ratings and evaluations, reconstruction of existing bridges, planning and design for new bridges, the design of earth retaining structures, box culverts, cut and cover type tunnels, storage tanks, pump stations, wastewater treatment plants, communication towers, buildings of various sizes, and design-build initiatives.  In addition, our engineers have extensive experience with structural steel erection plans, especially for complex, curved girder bridges.

These kinds of critical designs require a trusted partner like TWM.