From New Berlin – Pisgah, UAV LiDAR was collected on 16 miles of a 69kV electrical transmission line to assist with engineering a line-rebuild. High density LiDAR was collected and imagery was collected and processed into orthomosaic tiles. Aerial LiDAR was processed, strip-matched, georeferenced, and colorized to form a cohesive point cloud. LiDAR was also classified into various classes, such as ground, vegetation, poles, wires, buildings, water features, etc. to aid in visualization purposes when engineering the line-rebuild.

Scope of Work

  • Electric transmission line LiDAR acquisition

  • LiDAR classifications


BHMG Consulting Engineers, Inc.


Jacksonville, IL


  • UAV delivered high-density LiDAR on ground, vegetation, poles, wires, buildings, and water features to aid in visualization


UAVs and Drones
Aerial LiDAR