3D Laser Scanning Land Surveying Helps You Build It Right

3D Laser Scanning Land Surveying Helps You Build It Right

June 2017 – Leica, a subsidiary of Hexagon and a company that specializes in producing survey equipment, invited TWM to share its experiences using high definition 3D Laser Scanning technology at the HxGN Conference in Las Vegas June 13-16.

Ten years ago, TWM added 3D laser scanning to its existing land surveying repertoire. Since then, the firm’s Geospatial Department has experienced dramatic growth due to the explosion of applications 3D Laser Scanning provides for engineering firms, construction companies, architects and the organizations they serve.

TWM’s newest generation of Laser Scanning equipment has enabled the company to quickly capture measurements and dimensions for virtually any space. TWM is passionate about using 3D Laser Scanning technology because it works without interrupting the flow of traffic on busy highways, and it takes employees out of harm’s way by reducing the amount of time they spend on ladders and manlifts taking measurements.

Conference attendees learned methods for becoming comfortable using this technology as well as how to further adapt it to suit each client’s specialized needs. 3D Laser Scanning has diverse applications that are not relegated to just traditional job site surveying. It can also be customized for projects working on tank and commodity volumes, historic restorations, industrial reconfiguration, etc.

Derek Twente, PLS, Geospatial Department Manager at TWM says, “TWM has experienced a huge reduction in rework over the last 10 years. We partially attribute our success to the use of 3D Laser Scanning. Getting everyone on the same page can be difficult. 3D Scanning has helped us improve communication between the architect, the construction team, and the engineering team. Great communication and super accurate data is how we build it right the first time. The goal of the HxGN Conference was to educate attendees from all over the world so they can achieve the kind of superior results like the ones we have experienced.”

Celebrating 71 years in business, TWM is a 100% employee-owned firm providing civil, structural, and railway engineering, land surveying, and a full array of geospatial services. TWM has five offices in the greater St. Louis area. In 2017, the firm was ranked the 7th Largest Engineering Firm in the metropolitan area by the St. Louis Business Journal.

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