Like many cities, Pekin has struggled keeping up with their sidewalk infrastructure needs. Unlike other cities, Pekin has recently entered into a Consent Decree forcing them to address the City’s pedestrian accommodations. TWM was selected via an RFQ process to assist with their obligations. TWM has been assisting the City for the past 18 months as technical advisor during the finalization of the Consent Decree details. TWM will provide an ADA Transition Plan utilizing mobile LiDAR collected data. TWM will rank and prioritize the various locations based on factors like proximity to school, degree of non-compliance, pedestrian counts, etc. and come up with a xx-year plan to address the deficient ADA infrastructure. Scope of work also includes GIS database of all collected information.

Scope of Work

  • Mobile LiDAR

  • GIS database


City of Pekin, IL


Pekin, IL


  • Assisted as technical advisor for pedestrian accommodations
  • Rank and prioritize various locations to address ADA infrastructure


Mobile LiDAR