TWM collaborated with the Auffenberg Car Dealership to master plan their new state-of-the-art Auto Mall Facility. The 50+ acre development encompasses nine car dealerships within one site, providing customers multiple options during their car-buying experiences. TWM coordinated the overall design of the facility with the owner and the national dealerships to ensure compliance with national standards.

We completed the boundary and topographic surveying of the site and the preliminary and final platting for the development. Additional responsibilities included the vertical and horizontal roadway design for the streets within the Auto Mall, individual lot grading design and overall grading design for storm water management and detention, design of the storm sewer system to convey the required governmental storm events, sanitary sewer collection systems and domestic and fire water extensions for each dealership.  TWM provide the coordination with private and public utilities and governmental agencies necessary to secure building and development approval.

To serve the development and provide truck and vehicular access, TWM designed the offsite roadway widening for the County Department of Roads and Bridges. The design increased the typical pavement section from a two lane rural highway to a five lane curb and gutter urban highway. TWM designed the signalized entrance for the primary access into the Auffenberg Auto Mall and the secondary access for traffic circulation within the site.

TWM provided the bidding, contract negotiations, and construction phase services including construction staking for the development and for each of the nine dealerships. Once the utility infrastructure was completed, TWM completed as-built utility drawings and updated the public GIS mapping services for the utility providers.

Scope of Work

  • Boundary and topographic surveying

  • Vertical and horizontal roadway design

  • Overall grading design for stormwater management and detention

  • Designed offsite roadway widening from 2 lanes to 5 lanes

  • Designed signalized entrance for traffic circulation

  • Construction phase services

  • As-built drawings and GIS mapping


St. Clair I, LLC


O’Fallon, IL


  • Master plan of auto mall to accommodate multiple car dealerships
  • Roadway corridor provided easy truck and vehicular access


Land Development
Land Surveying
Construction Phase Services
Engineered Layout