TWM performed both detailed walking data collection and recently utilized mobile LiDAR to re-evaluate the City’s streets. The City has 130 centerline miles, made up of 15% concrete, 82% asphalt, 2% oil and chip, and 1% gravel surfaces. TWM also rates their many alleys and municipal parking lots. TWM provided a written report that includes a street maintenance plan and color-coded mapping in GIS. Carbondale already owned the PAVER system and would like TWM to train their staff to make field inspection updates and use the software themselves to maintain the system on their own in the future, as City staff has time for training.

Scope of Work

  • Collected data with mobile LiDAR


City of Carbondale, IL


Carbondale, IL


  • System included street maintenance plan and color-coded GIS mapping
  • TWM trained City staff for field inspections and to maintain the system for future use


Pavement Management
Mobile LiDAR
GIS Mapping