TWM performed on-site testing and inspection services for the USACE, spanning multiple sections of Carlyle Lake, from Boulder Campground to Coles Creek Campground to McNair Campground to Dam West Campground. The focus of testing and inspection services was to determine points of intrusions, as well as evaluate the state of the aged infrastructure. Due to the high-water level of Carlyle Lake from heavy spring rainfall, the combination of camera inspection and smoke testing yielded a more comprehensive analysis of the sewer system. Following on-site testing and inspection, a report of all notes and incidents was put together, correlated with an updated sewer system map marked with the location of each incident. Smoke testing of the sewer system allowed for technicians to more accurately map the aged sewer maps and camera inspection allowed for video documentation of aged piping and cracks as well as sources of heavy root intrusion

Scope of Work

  • Construction through yards

  • Coordination with utilities and residents


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)


Carlyle, IL


  • Testing helped evaluate the state of aged infrastructure
  • Results accurately mapped the aged sewer maps, piping, and cracks as well as root intrusion


Inspections & Testing
Water & Wastewater