“Overall, SWIC is very satisfied with TWM’s work.  We have a positive, reliable working relationship with TWM.”

Bernie Ysursa, Vice President, Southwestern Illinois College, Belleville, IL

“TWM provided a timely 6-week turnaround for the re-design and evaluation of over 100 ramps on a fast-paced project.  They were open to comments and suggestions from the City as they designed the ramps, which is a wonderful quality.”

Megan Fuhler, PE, Director of Public Works, Village of Shiloh, IL

“TWM completed Dapron Drive within a very short timeline, allowing construction to proceed the same calendar year as the design.  They are a capable firm big enough for major projects, but small enough to react quickly to client requests.” 

Tim Gregowicz, PE, City Engineer, City of Belleville, IL

“TWM provided thorough, timely engineering services every step of the way. Their accurate plans were easily constructed in the field.  TWM staff worked right alongside our City Engineer as well as all our staff and IDOT’s.  They kept the project going by reacting quickly with changes, always keeping our needs at the forefront of the design.”

Robert L. Butler, Mayor, City of Marion, IL

“TWM did a great job on West Clay Street.  Their plans were accurate and their estimating was spot-on.  TWM always does a great job on our projects.” 

Brad Temme, PE, Senior Project Manager of Design, City of St. Charles, MO

Civil Engineering

Engineering Prosperous Communities

Using our civil engineering expertise to partner with clients to build prosperous communities is TWM’s passion. Our engineers have been solving the most complex infrastructure challenges facing local, state, and federal agencies as well as private industry clients since 1946. Whether you are seeking to revitalize an aging community to attract new businesses and residents, or your goal is to simply maintain a thriving community’s roadways, bridges, shared-use paths, sewers, water supply and/or drainage systems, TWM will collaborate with you to put together a comprehensive plan so you are able to balance the routine repairs and maintenance of facilities with your long-term vision for growth.

Using Resources Wisely

The needs of our society are constantly changing and TWM’s engineers know how to positively impact communities by planning well and using resources wisely. Our philosophy embraces upcycling and conserving resources, not just for the sake of the environment, but also because it allows clients to tackle more projects with the resources they have been allocated. For example, on the Rock Island Trail Bridges, TWM’s structural engineers re-purposed nine former railroad bridges to support a new bikeway across the state of Missouri.

Collaborating with a Partner Who Listens

What are your long-term and short-term goals for your community? TWM’s engineers work closely with clients to take a proactive approach to understanding their vision. Successful design of urban, suburban, and rural neighborhoods often requires re-imagining public spaces. The placemaking principles many municipalities are incorporating focus on transforming public spaces to contribute to the health and happiness of residents.

Placemaking’s central idea is to strengthen the connection people feel to each other, and the places they share, to help communities thrive. Yet the vision requires infrastructure to be planned well to ensure spaces are clean, safe, and easily accessible for these goals to become a reality. TWM’s engineers have extensive experience successfully holding community meetings to understand concerns and gain public support for projects, expediting the permitting process, and overcoming diverse obstacles that inherently arise when tackling any infrastructure project. We specialize in providing all the civil and structural engineering and land surveying services you will require to make your next project a success.

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