Before the design of nearly 29 miles of electric transmission lines across Cass and Mason County could commence, TWM first established a primary control network to serve as the basis of future work on the project. TWM established a static control network throughout the projects and performed a properly weighted least squares adjustment on the control and performed error analysis to ensure error was within acceptable tolerances.

TWM performed research and boundary surveys for 202 parcels along the 29-mile project. TWM utilized mobile LiDAR to quickly capture existing pavement and above ground utilities to help accurately depict existing easement locations and establish right-of-way by use. Upon completion of the boundary survey, record research, and reviewing title commitments, TWM prepared exhibits and legal descriptions for each of the individual parcels.

Scope of Work

  • Mobile LiDAR

  • Boundary survey

  • Preparation of exhibits and legal descriptions


Prairie Power, Inc.


Saidora, IL & Bluff Springs, IL


  • Mobile LiDAR quickly captured existing pavement and above ground utilities to accurately depict easement and right-of-way


Utility Services