Construction Phase Services

TWM offers various construction phases services to the public and private sector clients we serve. Project design is obviously important, but it is only one step in the process.  Equally important is ensuring that the knowledge, calculations and engineering skills applied at the drawing board are effectively translated into the actual construction of your project.  Today’s codes and regulations can be very detailed.  The intent of drawings and specifications is to guide the contractor in building your project in accordance with those requirements.

TWM’s construction engineering services help move your project from paper to reality.  Our services put the experts on-site and include engineered layout, construction observation, materials testing, documentation of materials and quantities, daily record keeping of construction activity, documentation of contractor compliance with plans and specifications, and the processing of pay requests and change orders.

The construction engineering staff at TWM clearly understands their role in the process, the goals, objectives and requirements of what they do, and the value that can bring to our clients.

Construction Observation

  • Ensures your project is built to design specifications

  • Verifies quantities

  • Assists you with layouts

  • Assists with processing pay applications

  • Creates a documented accountability system

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) permitting with the EPA if needed

Exceptional Service. Nothing Less.