The Edgemont Booster Pump Station site uses two ground storage tanks and a pump station to maintain pressures throughout the Belleville gradient. The yard, piping, pumps, and valves had all aged and were in need of replacement. TWM designed the improvements to the site, including incorporation of a new pre-fabricated pump station building. Given the importance of the pump station, ensuring continual operations was a critical element of design. Construction was sequenced so that the existing pump station had no interruption and so that at least one of the existing ground storage tanks remained in use at all times.

Scope of Work

  • Designed site improvements, including new pre-fabricated pump station

  • Replaced aging piping, pumps, and valves


Illinois American Water


Belleville, IL


  • Pump station improvements maintained pressures
  • Ensured continuity of service and sequenced construction to avoid interruption of operation


Inspections & Testing
Water & Wastewater
Pump/Lift Stations