Electrical Engineering

TWM has provided electrical engineering services for diverse projects in our main areas of expertise including Transportation, Parks and Recreation, Civic/Government Facilities, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Education, and Commercial and Residential Land Development. Our focus is to design electrical systems with special consideration given to durability, environmental sensitivity, energy-efficiency, and controllability.

Learn more about how TWM enhances infrastructure.

  • Site and Specialty Lighting

    • Parking Lot Lighting Design
    • Signage Lighting Design
    • Signature Bridge Lighting Design
    • Parks and Recreation Facility Lighting
    • Irrigation Systems
    • Restrooms
    • Multipurpose Buildings
    • Gymnasiums
    • Athletic Field Lighting
  • Site and Specialty Lighting (Continued)

    • Signage Lighting Designs
    • Site Power Distribution
    • Photometric Calculations
    • Surveillance System Lighting including IES Recommendations
    • Horizontal and Vertical Illumination
    • Illumination Uniformity
    • Color Rendering (CRI) 75+
    • LED Exterior Lighting
  • Lift Station, Pump Station, and Wastewater Electrical Engineering Designs

    We will assess:
    • Types of Motors
    • Variable Frequency Drives
    • Utility and Generator Issues
    • Station Control Devices
    • Arc Flash Considerations
    • SCADA Interconnection Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Transportation Lighting:

    • Roadway Lighting
    • Bridge Lighting
    • Tunnel Lighting
    • Pedestrian Trail Lighting
    • Light Rail and Bus Station Lighting
    • Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
    • Parking Facilities


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