GIS Mapping

What is GIS? In our world of rapidly evolving technology, the answer to this question may not be as simple as you think. The easiest answer is that GIS is digital mapping, essentially cartography on a computer. But GIS isn’t just a way to display visual features. It can also hold a great deal of information about those features. In the 1970s GIS was only being applied to a handful of circumstances, but today it’s difficult to find an area of human life that hasn’t been affected by GIS.

Local, state, and national government agencies use GIS extensively for activities such as maintaining utilities, monitoring transportation conditions, planning conservation, and more. Corporations employ GIS for everything from finding better trucking routes to determining locations of new stores. Analyzing changing demographics, predicting voting patterns, creating climate models, tracking disease, managing disaster relief – GIS is used to do all of these things and much more.

The combination of visual features with supporting databases is a powerful one, for it allows the end users to do more than just map – it allows them to manage, model, and analyze all the data associated with a GIS. The uses and possibilities are nearly endless.

  • GIS Database Hosting

  • GIS Database Updates and Maintenance

  • Cloud-Based GIS Utility / Asset Mapping and Management

  • GIS Mobile Application Implementation

  • Data Conversion to GIS, e.g. paper maps, PDFs, MicroStation, AutoCAD, etc.

  • Large Document Scanning and Indexing

  • Field Data Collection

  • GIS Database Development and Creation

  • Modeling and Analysis

 “[The TWM GIS specialists] have been extremely helpful in launching Trenton’s Cloud GIS initiative. [The technician] quickly responds to emails, and has been receptive to modifications we have asked him to make in the system.”

Douglas Brimm, City Administrator, City of Trenton, IL

“The time necessary to explain the [GIS Cloud] program was taken with me and my employees. The product was well put together and easy enough to use, even for me. I like the response time when we call with problems or questions. It’s good to see that updates are being done as needed.”

Royce Carlisle, Director of Wastewater Treatment Plants, City of Belleville, IL

“Troy’s overall level of satisfaction with TWM’s GIS work is very satisfied. The GIS staff is very responsive, available for issues.”

Jeff Soland, City Administrator, City of Troy, IL


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