Long-Term GIS Services

TWM offers the following long-term GIS services:

GIS Database Hosting: Even in this Internet age, servers for storing your data aren’t cheap. Neither is the necessary software, or staff to manage the information. For many smaller entities, owning and maintaining a server isn’t just impractical, it’s impossible. That’s why TWM is proud to host GIS services for numerous clients, offering centralized data accessible from a variety of platforms.

GIS Database Maintenance: In addition to creation and hosting, TWM also performs database maintenance. This can take on a variety of forms, with our staff sometimes performing all tasks from end to end, and other times taking on a more administrative role. TWM can empower clients to do many (if not all) of their own updates via cloud servers, but that isn’t the best fit for everyone. In those cases, TWM can handle whatever updates are needed, be they occasional updates with large files or odd formatting, or simple everyday updates our clients just don’t have the time to make.

Cloud GIS: TWM is a licensed ESRI Application Service Provider (ASP), which means we can give our clients the power of GIS without the need to purchase expensive software packages themselves. A GIS Service allows users to view, edit, and manage their data from anywhere they have an internet connection, from desktops, laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones. This also allows field technicians to update information from directly on site, which can bring unrivaled accuracy and accessibility to any system.

Mobile GIS: To complement our Cloud GIS package, TWM also helps implement mobile GIS services. These use ESRI’s free ArcMap App, which is available on all major brands and platforms. The mobile services can use the same data as the desktop-based Cloud Service, so that no matter what platform you’re using, you always have the real-time updated data at your fingertips. For clients not interested in the desktop side, mobile GIS can also be offered as a stand-alone service.

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