Short-Term GIS Projects

TWM offers the following short-term GIS projects:

Data Conversion & Scanning: More often than not, clients have at least some hard copy or local data they wish to use. No matter what the source or format, TWM can get your information GIS-ready. From digitizing paper maps and PDFs and georeferencing CAD, MicroStation, or Orthophotos, to scanning reports and over-sized documents, TWM has you covered.

Field Data Collection: Sometimes you just don’t have the data you need, and that’s where we come in. Have old, out-of-date maps? We can help. Need new points collected? No problem. Have an area that’s difficult to map? We can do that too. Whether you need one locator with a handheld GPS or a crew of licensed surveyors, TWM has the tools and experience to help.

Database Development: TWM has broad experience with clients throughout the public sector and has developed a series of templates to help get operations up and running. That said, one size certainly does not fit all, which is why these templates are just a starting point. TWM will customize your GIS, so that each field, layer, symbol, and drop-down menu is optimized to make your experience as quick, easy, and informative as possible.

Modeling & Analysis: Using the powerful ESRI ArcMap platform, TWM can tackle even the most complex spatial problems and datasets. The most common applications are site selections, environmental impact analysis, and “heat mapping,” which displays concentrations of your chosen feature data. But almost any spatial relationship can be modeled. Analyzing high-risk areas for traffic accidents, regions prone to crime, or even pipes most in need of repair or replacement are all possibilities given sufficient data.

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