Many government agencies, at all levels – federal, state and local – are facing the financial burden of replacing aging buildings and failing infrastructure. For 74 years, TWM has been specializing in assisting public entities with their quest to rehabilitate communities to make them safe, healthy, and functional.

We have partnered with over 100 public sector clients over the last 10 years to provide comprehensive engineering services for all phases of diverse projects including: planning and due diligence, conceptual and final civil site designs, water, wastewater and stormwater design, roadway and parking lot design, inspections/testing, surveying and geospatial engineering services, and construction observation. TWM’s engineers and project managers have a proven track record for designing to local, state and federal requirements.  We will collaborate with you to reach—if not exceed—your success metrics for each project. We are committed to engineering customized, cost-effective and innovative facilities that are easy to maintain.

TWM has a reputation for the constructability of our designs, and following through with our commitment to complete projects on-schedule and on-budget. We also strive to tackle each project from a value engineering (VE) approach. In our experience, simplified designs often benefit our clients by giving them the opportunity to expedite their project schedules, reduce initial and long-term project investments, and minimize the risk of unforeseeable construction challenges.

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