Federal & Military

Over the years, TWM has established itself with Federal / Military agencies as a trusted advisor by providing customized and innovative solutions to their most complex engineering challenges. We have partnered with Scott Air Force Base and USACE on numerous occasions, and are proud to have played a small role in engineering safe, functional, and comfortable spaces for our troops and their families.

Our team of civil and structural engineers, professional land surveyors, railroad engineers, and wastewater/stormwater engineers has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your project is completed according to applicable requirements.  Additionally, our client-focused approach helps us achieve your benchmarks for success by collaborating with architects, contractors, and Federal / Military personnel to overcome potential complexities that may arise during the course of your projects.

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“Timely, accurate, cost-effective deliverables. High quality work. Good communication with client. Responsive to requests for services and information.”

Jeff Slocum, Former Utility Manager, American Water Military Services , Scott Air Force Base

“TWM’s disposition document for this project contained comments that were clear and concise, which made my review [for the PS&E approval] easier.”

Jamey Laughlin, North Point Prairie Road Culvert Project, Offsystem Plans Reviewer , MoDOT Bridge Division

“TWM was very responsive to changes by the local agency when they couldn’t make up their mind on the final design. Their team did an outstanding job of developing the idea of a diverging diamond interchange. TWM was thoughtful and intelligent in finding out what was needed for the design. They required very little oversight. It is refreshing to work with consultant engineers that do not need their proverbial hand held to complete the work.”

Charles Stein, PE , IDOT D9 Studies& Plans, Carbondale, IL

Exceptional Service. Nothing Less.