It’s with deep sadness that we announce the passing of William Moerchen. Bill was one of the three owners and founders of Thouvenot, Wade, and Moerchen (TWM), but he was also so much more—a visionary leader, a champion of values, and a guiding force to all who knew him.

Robert DeConcini, President of TWM, said, “All of us at TWM are inspired by Bill’s legacy and the visionary impact he made continues today. His principles and unwavering integrity set a foundation for success and we continue to build upon his accomplishments in every service we provide and initiative we undertake.”

Bill’s life was filled with purpose, passion, and impact. With boundless ambition and an entrepreneurial spirit, his vision and values have left an indelible mark on our company.

A Legacy of Outstanding Dedication
TWM’s roots date back to 1946 – the year engineer and land surveyor A. Yorker Wade founded the Wade Engineering Company in Belleville, IL. Yorker Wade eventually sold the firm to his son Jerry and William Moerchen, a professional land surveyor. Rollie Thouvenot, the younger brother of Bill’s wife, Marilyn Thouvenot, also worked for the firm and became president in 1987, before retiring in 2017. TWM was subsequently incorporated under the names of these three founders. From these humble beginnings and under the guidance of Bill and our other founders, TWM has grown from three employees to the firm it is today, with over 160 employees spanning three states.

As we remember and celebrate Bill’s life, we invite all members of our company and community to join us in honoring his memory and to reflect on his remarkable journey. It’s with great privilege and deepest gratitude that we carry his legacy forward in the years to come. He will be deeply missed.

View William Moerchen’s Obituary Here (Visitation and Funeral Arrangements)