The Village of Freeburg’s existing water system needs upgrades to provide adequate fire protection and replace water mains and tanks. TWM prepared a hydraulic computer model to analyze the system capacity and prepared a master plan for replacement of the various water mains, tanks, and pumps. Modeling included converting imported existing GIS mapping into the model, creating loads from water usage, and calibrating system based on hydrant testing records. Recommendations for improvements included a multi-phased water main replacement plan, a new ground storage tank, booster pump, and a additional interconnection to the FSH water system.

Scope of Work

  • Water main replacement plan

  • Hydraulic system modeling


City of Freeburg, IL


Freeburg, IL


  • Master plan was prepared to replace water mains, tanks, and pumps
  • New ground storage tank and booster pump
  • Additional interconnection to the FSH water system


Water Mains