Measuring & Mapping Data for Water-Dependent Projects

TWM offers a highly skilled team of professionals who measure and map navigable water bodies and accompanying shorelines to accurately and safely provide high resolution 3D images. These functions include measuring depths for dredging, locating and mapping debris fields or submerged obstructions, and preparing for underwater construction. Using high frequency single- and multi-beam sonar systems, magnetometer and gradiometer technology, and other vessel resources, TWM performs hydrographic surveys that capture full coverage of a project area and all necessary data. Our team operations are supervised by a Certified Hydrographer.

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  • Flood Control & Capacity Studies

  • Mobile Vessel Laser Scanning

  • Geodetic Control Surveys

  • Bathymetric Surveys & Cross-Sections

  • Geophysical Surveying & Geotechnical Investigation

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Port Management

  • Dredge Studies & Permitting