Robotic Video Inspections

  • Checks sewer lines for cracks, deterioration, blockages and root infiltration

  • Examines crawl spaces or other tight quarters for utility chases, foundation issues, piping, etc.

  • Assists in problem diagnosis as well as preventive maintenance

  • Documents conditions and records tap or other feature locations

Flow Monitoring

  • Checks for ground water infiltration

  • Minimizes treating water that is already clean

  • Assesses volume of water flowing into pipes during dry and wet weather

  • Determines hydraulic loading of storm sewer systems

  • Can prevent and eliminate flooding when performed in ditches and canals

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Sewer Testing for New Construction

  • Checks manholes and pipes for leakage before putting them into service in new construction areas

  • Certifies piping by checking for straightness, pressure, mandrels, etc.

Push Camera Inspections

  • Alternative to video camera inspections

  • Great for spaces too small to accommodate our robotic video camera

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