Land Development Engineering

TWM specializes in engineering all the not-so-glamorous┬ánecessities the average person takes for granted, like wastewater and stormwater management, traffic signals, ADA-compliant curbs and sidewalks, and parking lot designs. We are passionate about providing solutions to our clients’ most challenging projects to create communities where people and businesses will thrive.

Maximizing ROI and Reducing Risk

Taking your vision from concept to completion can be a rough ride without the proper partner to help you navigate the waters. TWM’s priority is to help developers understand diverse factors during the due diligence and feasibility phases such as: whether your proposed project requires an Environmental Impact Report, struggles you might face with the need for annexation, rezoning, planned development permits, conditional use permits, variances or development agreements, and more.

Once you have assessed all the important factors and have decided to move forward with your project, you will require the services of an experienced civil engineering firm like TWM. We understand the necessary steps to secure the approvals you will potentially require, and more importantly, we have established close relationships with regulatory agencies and local municipalities to help expedite the permitting process to quickly resolve issues so your project stays on track.

Peace of Mind

Over the years, our clients have come to trust TWM as their go-to civil engineering and land surveying firm. We give them peace of mind by taking care of the details to help free projects from snares so they are completed on-schedule and on-budget. When you need to minimize risk by hiring a firm with a wealth of knowledge and experience, partnering with TWM is the right decision.

  • Retail stores

  • Offices

  • Industrial facilities

  • Churches

  • Single-family development

  • Multi-family development

  • Senior living facilities

  • Recreational facilities

  • Lakes and dams

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