Office Parks

For office park development projects, TWM’s experienced professionals take a team approach to working with owners, architects, and contractors.  We focus on the utilitarian side of design. While your architect is working to ensure your space is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, our engineers are “sweating the small stuff” that ensures your site’s design is functional, that it drains properly, and is easily accessible with efficient ingress and egress.

Our expertise will carry you through all the phases of your project. We provide comprehensive services ranging from site feasibility and planning, to construction phases services. TWM’s team anticipates traffic and roadway issues, deals with stormwater and wastewater, focuses on coordinating with utilities and expediting the permitting process, provides designs that are in compliance with ADA standards, and more.

Yet all the key members of the team play an important role, which is why we place a huge emphasis on collaboration. Additionally, we always strive to help you achieve your success metrics while being sensitive to business and environmental concerns.

To learn more about what our clients have to say about working with us, please visit our Testimonials page.

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 “Through the entire process … TWM … was responsive to my concerns and requests, and proactive in their approach.  TWM’s use of the 3D scanning technology made this project a reality because it reduced costs and allowed us to meet a very aggressive timeline.  I have great respect for TWM and would highly recommend the firm’s work.”

Joe Koppeis, Admiral Parkway, Rick City Business Development


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