Our Mission


If you want every employee to know your mission by heart, then make it concise, notable, and bold.  If you want them to live it every day, make sure your clients know it and remember it as well.  In 2004 we shortened our mission statement to just four words.  We offer those pivotal four words to you as our promise.

Our Core Purpose

TWM’s Core Purpose is our reason for being. It captures the soul of our firm, reflects our motivations, and guides and inspires us. Knowing that, we choose to describe that purpose as:

To create effective, efficient, and economical solutions to the challenges our clients face… because solving problems is our passion.
An effective solution is one that works. An efficient solution also works well. And an economical solution is one you can also afford. When helping you solve a problem, we work to align all three, because we know they are all important to you as a client.

And we really are passionate about solving problems. It is in our nature as a firm and as individuals. It is why we choose the career paths that we did.

Our Core Values

If they are truly core, you can’t sit down and “create” Core Values – by just writing some fancy words.  Instead you need to do some self-analysis and “discover” what it is you really value, as evidenced by your actions and behavior.  We did that at TWM and know that we value:

Quality – We strive for Quality in every aspect of our work, so that we will never be afraid to put our seal on a drawing and stand behind that work.

Relationships – We have built our business on the foundation of relationships.  Our clients trust us.  Many would do business with us on a handshake.

Stability – TWM is conservative in its fiscal and operational approach to business. Our employees and our clients do not have to worry about our stability or whether we are going to be in business next week.

Ambition – We value and therefore hire employees who are determined and persevere, who have a can-do attitude and who do not give up.

Loyalty – We also value employees who exhibit true teamwork and are in the game 100% – head, hands and heart – working together with eyes on the goal and putting forth whatever effort it takes to achieve that goal.

Exceptional Service. Nothing Less.