The I-70 Mississippi River Bridge project includes not only the river bridge, but the approaches, direct and indirect, ramps, a tri-level interchange, and supplemental bridge reconstruction on both the Illinois and Missouri sides of the river. TWM’s surveying department worked directly for the contractor and provided layout for Unit 3 and Unit 2 of the Illinois approach, along with access roads, ramps, and other outlying bridges. Layout items include removal limits, silt fence, test piles, abutments, piers, H piles, sheet piles, piers, pier cap, bearing seats, and storm sewers.

Scope of Work

  • Drilled shaft layout and monitoring

  • Bearing seat layout

  • Bridge beam fillets


Keeley & Sons


Brooklyn, IL


  • Provided engineering layout for Unit 3 and Unit 2 of the Illinois approach for contractor


Engineered Layout
Terrestrial LiDAR