As part of the I-70 Mississippi River Bridge project, the tri-level interchange of I-55, I-64 and I-70 in East St. Louis was reconstructed so traffic would be filtered more efficiently to the river bridges. TWM provided construction layout for removal limits, easements, silt fence, soil nails for an existing retaining wall, test piles, H piles, piers, pier caps, bridge girder bearing seats, centerline of alignments, pavement, abutments, drilled shafts, pier casings, storm sewer, medians, concrete barriers, sanitary sewer and sheet piling. TWM surveyors also provided layout calculations and horizontal and vertical control.

Scope of Work

  • Drilled shaft layout and monitoring

  • Bearing seat layout

  • Bridge beam fillets


Keeley & Sons


East St. Louis, IL


  • Provided construction staking and layout, layout calculations, and horizontal/vertical control for surveying


Engineered Layout
Terrestrial LiDAR