TWM was selected to resolve numerous property ownership issues and update data collection efforts on city streets and alleys. To date, the project completed property research and a boundary survey for nine corridors. The City was provided with detailed survey plats and documentation of encroachment over property lines. TWM kept the City staff up-to-date on the field progress in real time by creating shapefiles and inputting all field data collected into a GIS system.

Similar to our other clients, our contract allows the City of Brentwood to have access to all of our Geospatial Services, including, but not limited to, conventional surveying, aerial photogrammetry data collection, mobile LiDAR and terrestrial scanner, as well as a customized Geographic Information System (GIS) database for the projects that we do for them.

Scope of Work

  • Property research

  • Boundary survey


City of Brentwood, MO


Brentwood, MO


  • Resolution of property ownership issues
  • Updated data on City streets and alleys


Land Surveying