3D Scanning MetroBikeLink Trail

3D Laser Scanning - 3D Laser Scanning Services for MetroBikeLink Trail System
  • LOCATION: Memorial Station to Wingate Subdivision

  • CLIENT: St. Clair County Transit District and MetroLink

Under a Master Agreement over the last 8 years, TWM has been working with St. Clair County Transit District to design 14 miles of the MetroBikeLink Trail from Fairview Heights Station to SAFB Station.  Improvements have included new designs as well as connections to existing trails throughout the active light-rail alignment, encompassing 8 major beam bridges, 9 retaining walls, various enclosed drainage systems and culvert designs, and 5 pre-engineered bridges.

TWM designed a 248’, 4-span rolled steel beam bridge over Norfolk Southern Railroad and Richland Creek.  Steel piers facilitated and minimized construction activities immediately adjacent to the active railroad, and weathered steel girders and piers eliminated the need for future maintenance over the railroad and the creek. TWM engineers incorporated timber for the bridge decking to add a natural element and to maintain a park-like feel.

For a new segment that realigns an on-road trail with the MetroLink track, TWM suggested 3D laser scanning of the existing raised track corridor to verify current compliance with the deviation from uniform profile and zero crosslevel limits for Class 5 track.  With only about 20 minutes between non-peak hour daytime trains, our experienced crew set up and scanned each location.  Work progressed under flagging and 3500’ was scanned in two days.  The data was just what was required, showing that the track was generally in compliance, except at the back of bridge abutments and large culverts.

TWM performed construction observation for the HMA bike trail, culverts, retaining walls, pedestrian bridges, lighting, and storm sewers.  TWM was responsible for weekly reports and meetings, photo logs, coordination of obtaining contractor’s weekly work permits, Job Hazard Analysis coordination, and other safety coordination items.  Throughout each project, the TWM team maintained close communication with SCCTD, MetroLink, Norfolk Southern Railroad, the Village of Swansea, and the Contractor.  TWM also performed staking and layout, conducted depth and grade checks, coordinated material testing with the contractor, and completed quantity verification, material certifications, pay estimates, and documentation to comply with Federal guidelines (FTA oversight).

Major projects were completed in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, 2016, and 2017.

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