Project Description

South Side CSO Lift Station – LTCP Phase 3

South Side CSO Lift Station - LTCP Phase 3
  • LOCATION: City of Belleville, IL

  • CLIENT: City of Belleville, IL

TWM designed a combined sewer overflow (CSO) lift station in a central part of the City with a flow rate of 90 MGD.  The design included CSO relief interceptors as large as 84” in diameter, two 7’ wide mechanical influent screens, a lift station with a 39’ deep wet well and four high-flow pumps, and two parallel 48” force mains approx. 6,500’ in length.  The project also required multiple casing bores, including a creek crossing, two highway crossings, and a railroad crossing.  Substantial coordination was required with the Department of Transportation and the railroad, as well as other impacted parties, including a nearby hospital, an assisted living facility, numerous residents, other commercial/recreational establishments, and a water treatment plant.

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