Green Trail Designs at SWIC

Multi-Modal Design - TWM, Inc. - Green Trail Designs at SWIC
  • LOCATION: Belleville, IL

  • CLIENT: Southwestern Illinois College/SCCTD/MetroLink

  • CONSTRUCTION COST: $5,345,000

Green trail designs began as a joint planning and development effort by Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) and the St. Clair County Transit District (SCCTD). TWM was hired to design a number of multi-modal transportation enhancements at the Southwestern Illinois College Campus in Belleville. Paramount to this effort was the conversion of the campus and surrounding area to a more walkable community profile that would include assets and amenities oriented toward pedestrians while helping to resolve traffic flow issues related to the MetroLink station on campus. Another goal was the extension and enhancement of the existing MetroBikeLink Trail that used to terminate at College Station.

Components of the project included the extension of the MetroBikeLink trail; a MetroBikeLink bridge over Green Mount Road, entrance road widening and roundabout, campus loop road and bike trail, addition of turn lanes on adjoining roads, pedestrian crosswalks, and an enhanced walkway from the College Metro station to campus.

Additionally, SCCTD and SWIC wanted the MetroLink access stairs, bridges, and stations to have a signature appearance. TWM designed specialty lighting utilizing cost effective LED lights and sconces to illuminate the MetroLink.

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