Project Description

Industrial Plant 3D Reality Capture

3D Laser Scanning - Industrial Plant 3D Reality Capture

TWM offers 3D laser scanning for industrial plants such as this Midwest grain facility. For this project, our client was responsible for upgrading the current conveyor system. The proposed conveyor system was going to replace the existing system on top of 130-foot-tall grain silos. A limited conventional survey was done, but the team also 3D laser scanned the project site both on the ground and on top of the silos. This allowed TWM to collect large amounts of data for the client to design the new system with fewer field modifications.

TWM introduced this client to 3D laser scanning in a previous project, and the costs saved on return trips and field modifications greatly outweighed the cost of having a 3D scan performed on the initial visit. This client now requires every project to be 3D laser scanned when TWM is on the job.

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